We Can Help with Your Magento Website Admin

Want SEO friendly category or product adding to your Magento website?

If you are selling on eBay and Amazon we can administer listings on these popular selling platforms.

Whatever your admin requirements we can help.
Magento Administration Services Leicestershire UK

Magento 2 Demo
E-commerce Website

This an example of a Magento 2 e-commerce web store giving examples of various product types. These include simple, downloadable and   configurable multiple option product listings.

Magento e-commerce platform is a very flexible and user friendly online shop store available on the e-commerce market. We can help you maintain and organise a search engine compliant web store.

Tailor your Magento store to suite your business and customer  needs, choose from thousands of extensions to enhance both front end and back end of the website.

To view our Magento demo website please click onto button below. To view the admin back end of the website please request a link from us and username and password.

Magento Admin
Magento Admin Services
Magento Website Administration

Magento Administration Services.

Magento is one of the most powerful not to mention popular CMS e-commerce platforms available on the market.

This fully comprehensive and sophisticated web shop platform can be a little tricky so our in-depth knowledge of Magento can assist in any administration on the back end and front end.

Not only can we add content to your site, we can also offer advise on website improvements such as extensions that will enhance your Magento website.

With over  8 years of Magento experience please let us know how how we can assist…

Magento Administration Services Leicestershire UK

We Can Help You with Your Admin

We can help you add quality content to your website to help build your business on the internet.

These include:-

Product Creation
We can create SEO friendly product to maximise the chances of getting organic results on search engines. We have the knowledge to create multiple option and grouped product even with different pricing.

Category Creation
SEO friendly creation of categories and subcategories with header graphics with a compelling description.

Page Creation
Need to showcase a product or category or even need to educate your customers we can create a page to do this.

Sell on eBay & Amazon
Want to sell on eBay & Amazon or already do so? Well we can help you get going setting up and monitoring products listings on these selling platforms.

Eye catching creative clickable banners and graphics advertising products you are promoting.

Discount/Promotion Codes
Creation of discount & promotional codes to incentivise sales send to customers via email shots and advertise on your site.

News Letter/Product Offers
Keep you customers informed of your latest news and product offers, we offer this service.

These are some the common services we can offer but we offer more if we haven’t covered it we can help.